12 July 2010


as it has been so hot throughout the past few days (39°C!!!) down here in florence, me and my family decided to spend the day in the mountains, in a small village called prunetta. i hope you like the pic. so, what did you do on a world cup final sunday morning? let me know. ;)


The Look
White Shirt - Joop Slim Fit
Dark Blue Skinny Trousers - Monkee Genes Limited
Brown Leather Belt - Vintage (80's)
Brown Suede Chuckas - Massimo Dutti


  1. simply chic !!! really love , just enough

  2. great outfit, i especially like your shoes!


  3. Love shoes like that, wish I could find a pair.

    On the morning of the world cup, I was working. Do not fret, though, I was informed that Espana won. I don't really watch the games, personally, but I'm happy for them.

    Have fun in the mountains of Italy.

  4. Hey, don't you have Massimo Dutti at where you live? I guess they have the same pair of shoes for women as well! If not, try out Clarks. ;)

    I'm happy for Spain as well, they deserved it. Have a great day and btw: love that "naked showerign" quote. :P