24 September 2010

CW 38


  1. Amazing... I love these pictures, your blog is so cool...
    How do you choose the images and who is taking the pictures?


  2. hey, grazie ancora. io scelgo tutto il contento. poi, i disegni le fa mia amica tali (talibayer.blogspot.com) e le foto sono quasi tutti miei. i am following your blog as well - cool stuff! ciao x

  3. Hi joshua

    Its me
    The guy from zürich with the canon

    Those pictures are great!! =0
    and the lady looks very pretty =D

    Thank you for the tipps
    But i could use some more
    You know... Like a little camera instruction
    So i can do pictures as well as you do
    Would be awesome ;)

    Keep it fresh ;)