24 October 2010


Watch this.


  1. Hey there Giuliani, how are you? I just wanted to say hello and send you a few words...

    I find it very unfair that people always get a lot from blogs (from bloggers actually) and give nothing in exchange. And yours is a perfect example of it…I don't understand why don't you get hundreds of comments in every post. So, this is a message to tell you that Pipesandsneakers is one of the most impecably designed blogs I've seen in years. Besides, the content is simply exquisite and so widely varied that will be in my "favourite list" from now on, hopefully for a long time.

    +1 for the mix of videos and pics
    +1 for sharing your music and let us download it
    +1 for the copyright under every entry
    +1 for giving your email

    And that's it…I'll keep an eye on you from now on, you interesting future economist...
    Congrats and cheers from Moscow!

  2. Thank you very much, Javier. I am very happy you have enjoyed the input so far and hope to keep you fairly entertained. ;)

    Cheers from Zurich,