30 November 2010


I am really sorry for not having posted anything in a while. And to be honest, I will have to take another break from blogging until the end of December. It's that some quite important exams are coming up for me in a few weeks and I guess you know what that means. However, Zoe is most probably going to work on some interesting posts, and will therefore keep you fully entertained. It's freezing cold and snowy down here in Zurich and I'm glad I can at least spend my days and nights in the cozy library. Tell me how it is where you are! I'm going to post some "cool" and chilled winter-ish music for you to listen to when driving back from work / school / a club or wherever under the text as soon as I can - so stay tuned. And btw: if you'd like to get some more musical input from us, check out our new "Music" section in which we post monthly charts of our favorite tracks.

Have a good one.
Cheers, Giu