5 December 2010

Entrance Romance (it felt like a kiss)

As for Zoe's post about kissing, here is my answer:

"Kissing - It is a born intuition that we managed to develop a bit further- towards something very simple and soooooo pleasant"  Zoe L. V.H.


  1. haha, thanks mate. i think its funny to see how differently women and men think, write and demonstrate their point of view upon the same topic. as u may have noticed, i'm actually not a man of many words. instead, i like to let the pictures, videos and illustrations i post speak for themselves, whereas zoe is (more or less) the complete opposite. with her, the media "only" underlines what she wrote in her post. i think both ways are interesting and fun. what do u think?

  2. I think I'm closer to your point. However, I'm not sure about the men/women's way of thinking/expressing themselves... I guess it's because I'm luckily surrounded by a lot of people that don't match stereotypes…but the gender discussion is not the topic today, I guess...

    So, what I'm sure about is that we're living in the generation of images.

    Whereas a text (supported by pics or not) can express very well the writer's opinion over something , I see images more interactive, 2.0!; they search provocation, they activate your imagination and creativity, they inspire, specially if it's not obvious what's happening in them: a person thinking, people talking, random unconnected objects…

    I love modern art because of that: an abstract painting can provoke a million different feelings/opinions over a thousand people, and they're all right! IT'S SO ALIVE...