22 February 2011

▲date II

it has been a while, I know. And I apologize for not having fed you with our input for all this time. Lately, Zoe and I have been rather busy working and getting some necessary stuff done. Whereas Zoe is enjoying an exciting internship in London, I am back to Uni here in good old Zurich, and therefore back to normal.

On Repeat
Sisiusmo - Nights off

via iiiinspired

We'll be updating the Charts list in a few days and starting to keep track with the CW series. In addition, we'll be widening our list of "Influences" and "Shops" to give you even more interesting input. I hope you had a nice weekend and are already preparing for the next. ;)


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  1. yes for goodness sake stop being so FLAKEY!
    just kidding!