15 April 2011

Theurel & Thomas - Macaron Paradise

so here in Zurich we have plenty of shops offering Macarons - these flavour coloured small, round cakes, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle - spread all around the town. Starting with Spüngli and Ladurèe (must see website btw), located in the heart of Zurich's most expensive shopping mile, or Schober-Pèclard, one of Zurich's most beautiful decorated and fine cafès in my opinion, the temptation of sweet tooth goodness is rather high.
But this...this makes me want to forget about all the others. Check out the Theurel & Thomas boutique, the first Mexican Macaron patisserie shop - and probably the most beautiful. I can tell you that if those Macarons taste as good as the shop looks like, then God save the Queen.

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