13 April 2011

JR's "Inside Out - A Global Art Project"

I just came across this video of JR, the French street artist, talking about his project after winning a TED prize - and were blown away. I knew this guy and his work before, but this presentation gave me a whole new insight on HOW he actually works and what lies behind the photos. Now, I know the video is a little long, but please take some time off to watch it from beginning to the end, because I guarantee you it's worth it.

If you like the idea and want to participate or spread then word about this brilliant project, visit http://www.insideoutproject.net/ and help turning the world inside out.

Have a good good wednesday,

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for bringing this video to my attention. I watched it all. Mesmerizing and inspiring. Everyone should see this if only to enrich their own lives by appreciating that we can all contribute, especially by thinking "outside the box". Will access the site.
    9/11 has started beautifully. Saw three koalas in a tree (rare) beside the house, and saw this video.
    Cheers from the hills west of Byron Bay, Australia!