5 April 2011

The power of typography.

Words are more than just words. They are one of the worlds' most important means of communication, transmitting inter alia culture, science and history, but most importantly: a message.
Wether it is a a brand's slogan, the poster of an election campaign or simply a business card: it isn't only about the right choice of words, but also about the right choice of the typography for the words that is crucial for the message's intended effect. Giving it a visual character, the combination of fonts and colours can determine the intention behind a message, and - as a result - the impact on its readers. Personally, I am fascinated by the art of font design in itself, more especially though by the social, economical, political and psychological influence of it in our everyday lives. With this, check out fonts in use, if you're interested in real-world typography. Also, here is some visual candy you might enjoy. Cheers, Giu

Friends of Type - Daily Drop Cap - Guest Alphabet

all pics via Friends of Type

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