1 July 2011

From Zurich with Love


  1. Stunning pic and outfit, great !



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  3. What?? Can't we download this great mix?? Why??? It's equally awesome, if not better than the previous June mix!!! I am going to Mykonos in a few days and I need to get the best music to accompany my staying there (and some deep house tunes are a must under the Mykonian sun). So please provide us with a download link... Please...

    Best regards from sunny Greece!!

    BTW: this is one of your better outfits posted here

  4. Dear Simon,
    I'm glad you enjoy my mixes. Mykonos is the right place to go, mate!!!! ;)
    Here you go with the download link:


    Just right-click and save as...should work.
    As I can see you're someone who appreciates Deep House music, here is another set of my private collection I recorded a few days ago:


    It's more clubby and a high quality output (boxes, earphones) are a MUST on this one.

    I hope you can enjoy the music and obviously the holiday.

    Cheers from Zurich

  5. Giuliano, thank you very much for the "from Zurich from love" remix and the additional one that you provided!! Both are truly great, simply wonderful!!!

    I' ve already downloaded and listened to these gems!! You 've totally infused my summer with quality (I mean solomun and thugfucker, you just don't stumble upon them here) and coolness of course.

    Cheers ;)

    P.S. and please, if you ever upload any other mixes do not forget to include a download link. Thanks again :)