14 November 2011

Introducing: Spotlights

What are "Spotlights"?
Well, what we want to give you is valuable input based on our personal interests and passions. We choose what we think is interesting and unique, share it with you and hope you'll find pleasure in what you see, hear and read. With "Spotlights" we focus on a specific field of interest - let it be music, photography, fashion design, architecture etc. etc. etc. - and offer you a fine selection of at least three featured artists, products or projects of each theme - every single week. This will hopefully provide you with new and interesting input as well as something to look forward to. Please feel free to give us some feedback or maybe even constructive suggestions on this new idea. We always appreciate it. Also, check out the added page "Spotlight" on the navigation bar to see our previous week's Spotlights. 

Spotlight - Electronic Music | featuring Nicolas Jaar
This week's "Spotlight" will focus on the world of electronic music starting with someone very special - Mr Nicolas Jaar. Born in New York and growing up in Santiago de Chile, Nicolas Jaar is an outstanding producer and world wide acknowledged Live DJ of Deep House music followed by an unique combination of South American vocals and hypnotic vibes. Earlier this year, the 21 year old (!) talent released his first album called "Space is the only noise" on his very own label Clown & Sunset. Feel free to download the following "tasters" by right-clicking on the titles and saving as... Also, you can find his entire discography right here. And now: Enjoy.

Nicolas Jaar - Mi Mujer

Nicolas Jaar - Can't See What Is Burning There

Nicolas Jaar - A Time For Us


  1. nice songs like it! xxx

  2. great idea, adds antother layer to your webpage, makes it even deeper.. !

  3. loving & following your artistic blog <3