28 January 2012

Amsterdam Fashion Week - The Green Fashion Competition 2012

Tonight we saw an amazing show containing a lot of creativity and sustainability. The two winners for the most innovative and "green" fashion were: Studio Jux and Carrie Parry.

The following pics present all the finalists for this years Green Fashion Competition.
Which also include: L’Herbe Rouge, SPRB, STAT Divisions, Oh my bag, ZAGB, and Narelle Dore.

© by Zoe LVH

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  1. nice, love the combination with the pale greeny cream dress and the jacket!
    there has also been a fashion show at our art academy yesterday night and Stefan took some photographs, you can have a look on our blog here and drop some thoughts if you like, we'd appreciate:

    intwoo: fashion show: Magdalena Stark and Anet Schmieder