27 July 2012


Do you ever worry or wonder about where your beloved clothes come from? I often feel guilty when I see that my newly purchased clothing is made in e.g. Bangladesh, which makes me worry about the quality and safety of the working environment of the employees. It might be my inner hippie child that makes me research where my favourite brands have been produced. But I increasingly try to be aware of only supporting brands that are ethically correct and do not use child-labourYesterday I met the inspiring Jean-Sebastien Pougnand at the lovely Rika shop in Amsterdam, who is a model for LAURENCE AIRLINE. Looking up the brand I got very excited about their ethical concept.

"For the past year LAURENCEAIRLINE has been working on a collaborative project in Africa that brings together fashion and ethnic culture. Education is still inaccessible for the majority of the population in the Ivory Coast. There the LAURENCEAIRLINE workshop serves as a pole of creation and a center for teaching couture sewing techniques. The designer Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud sews her masculine collections inspired by contrasts and exchange on-site. Profits from sales are reinvested fully in the development of the project." - source

Laurence Airline doesnt only represent an ethical fashion label, by not exploiting its employees, but it also actively encourages and invests in citizens of the Ivory Coast to take part in workshops that gives them the oppurtunity to develope their talent in creating beautiful clothing. Enjoy x

© by Laurence Airline

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