15 August 2012

The Secret Life of Buildings

Don't you agree that your mood is foremost dependent on your surroundings and atmosphere? I certainly believe that I am most happy in a light and airy room with high ceilings and big windows. As you might recall, Tom Dyckhoff - an architecture critic in the UK, has explored in his show "The Secret Life of Buildings" (August, 2011) what impact the design and interior of a building has on our mood, behaviour, self-esteem and even our immune system. He tested the effects of the room size, window size, light, layout and the materials on our brains. I think it all sounds familiar to the old philosophy of Feng Shui, that focuses on improving life by creating a healthy and balanced environment within one's homes. Below I selected a few examples of beautiful "happy" rooms and apartments that will certainly brighten your spirits. 
and Yes I might have a slight obsession with white rooms...

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