23 November 2012

Leather: Second Skin 23.11.12-22.01.13

Pipes & Sneakers visited the opening event of the new exhibition at Fashion Space Gallery: Leather- Second Skin. Also, celebrating the 125th anniversary of Cordwainers at London College of Fashion. 
"The exhibition will provide visitors with the rare opportunity to see new and commissioned work by Cordwainers at London College of Fashion students and alumni, alongside leading footwear, accessories and artefact practitioners and designers."

The work by Dai Rees, Oliver Ruuger, Rob Goodwin and Volker Koch all portrayed different, beautiful and unconventional pieces encompassing the beauty of the leather, and the fine details demonstrated the artists' talent.

At the launch event, a skilled Cordwainers graduate was designing and making a leather bag without using any machinery, just by hand. Which looked pretty tough. The completed work will also be displayed at the exhibition.

We recommend you check out this exhibition.

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