23 November 2010

Born To Kiss.

After reading some Freud today and thinking of a universal sign- I came to think of kissing.
We are all born with the equipment to kiss. Lips. Which lips are most attractive is a question of fashion - Marilyn Monroe, Julia Roberts, Brigitte Bardot, Angelina Jolie.

Is kissing intuitive or learned? I personally think psychological, physical and social factors play a role. I did a little research and apparently kissing came to the Western World after Alexander the Great (326 before Christ) conquered the Punjab in India. In that case it is a phenomenon that spread around the world… Adopted by nearly every different culture.

However don’t you think kissing is an intuitive behaviour..? Some believe that it was developed through out history because mothers would chew the food for their babies and feed it mouth to mouth. This behaviour could have gone through an evolution towards a sign of affection and love.

This is why Freud made me think about this topic; because he thinks that the erotic kiss brings us unconsciously back to feeling protected by our mother. The mechanism of kissing is basically identical to drinking milk from the mother’s breast, which is a born intuition and reflex.

The best answer I think is that kissing - is an "open-instinct" a combination of genes and upbringing. It is a born intuition that we managed to develop a bit further- towards something very simple and soooooo pleasant ;)

By the way- I think we should differentiate between the motive to kiss for a woman or for a man. Women kiss as a kind of screen-test for analysing the use of the man as a longterm thing haha -whereas men (Lads tbh) use kissing as a short term measure to get the girl laid.

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous”- Ingrid Bergman


  1. Definitely an intuition, I never thought of that! I guess we intuitively would give mouth to mouth resuscitation too if someone stopped breathing! :) x

  2. wonderful blog, I seriously love it and I also love your style Giuliano.
    I'm glad you're Swiss like me :), I'm a blogger too !


  3. ahaha love that post!



  4. i really enjoyed this blog post :) very intellectual yet utterly interesting :)