19 November 2010

They do exist.

I am very pleased to be part of Giuliano's beautiful blog, and I hope my slagishness will not ruin his name. HA yes I am the slagqueen. Others might only know me as: freak, bum, slag, and blue monster. I personally think Freak is the most appropriate.

A topic that has been flying around in my busy brains for a while is finding your soul-mate or your true passion.

From a philosophical point of view- I believe we were once tiny round ball like creatures that had 4 legs and 4 arms and 2 little bumby things on top of the ball (which we would call heads). However the Greek Gods were scared by these horrendous powerful creatures, and to destroy the power that these ball like creatures had. The Greek Gods decided to use their force of lightning and thunder and they halfed these beautiful balls... and that is when humans were made...however since then, every singly person on this world is looking for his lost half. We all want to be these powerful little balls again, because together you are unstoppable. isnt it?!

© Ed van der Elsken

© Robin Hann


As in the movie Timer you can have a timer implanted in your wrist. Once the timer is activated it begins counting down. You will meet your soulmate within 24 hours after the countdown goes to zero; at the moment you lay eyes on him or her, you’ll hear a beep — and then you’ll know you’ve found your “one.” However, the timer only works if your soulmate, somewhere out there in the world, happens to have a timer too. If your soulmate is currently timerless, then your timer will be blank. Blank timers are a fairly rare problem, as timers have rapidly grown popular; timerless people are now found mainly in a few scattered rural areas and among a few non-conformists.

If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?

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  1. Hi Giuliano&Zoe! :D Wonderful post! About the soulmate... I think I wouldn't want to know... I prefer to discover it by myself ;)

    Anyway... I've tagged you in my post "10 things I love", so now it's your turn to do it ;)
    See you!