4 March 2013

Copper Trend: Bart van Heesch Design

In the past year we have observed both within the fashion and design world that there was an attraction to applying copper and brass. We are especially attracted to the innovative design by Bart van Heesch. Bart van Heesch set the pace in using luxurious materials, and designed beautiful bikes made out of copper and brass. They are that stylish that they formed part of Amsterdam Fashion Week's decor. 

As Bart himself states: ‘I used the archetypal Dutch bike. This model hasn’t changed for 100 years and for me its still the best city bike in Holland. It’s sturdy design means that nothing will be broken and if it is then it’s easy to repair. All the parts are fully copper plated which means the bike becomes more beautiful as the years pass.’

For more information visit his website here

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