28 April 2013

Designer Profile: Jemima

Here is yet another favourite upcoming designer, who we are featuring for the Pipes & Sneakers next big thing. Jemima -
born out of london, 90's child, jemima invites you into her fashion house; presenting to you today, her autumn/winter jacket collection. jemima believes that fashion should never be taken too seriously.and that clothes were made to have fun in; conquer the world in, and be taken off...
Jemima took the brave decision to leave medical school to pursue her career in fashion. Since then she has designed for prestigious fashion houses including Rag & Bone and Topshop and most recently designing for the new Kenneth Brannagh film "Maryland" which comes out at the end of this year.

What is your inspiration?
"Everything. Apart from fashion magazines which I try and avoid because they are out-dated. Everything was designed a year ago and is the wrong season so they are too backdated to draw inspirations from. Literally everything around me inspires me: I got a colour-way from a fence and a shape from a pattern in the floorboards the other day! What people are wearing on the street is also the biggest inspiration."

What advice would you give other up-and-coming designers?
It is incredibly difficult and takes so much longer than you'd think. I've had years of running about and working for free, picking up needles, fabrics, and having bags of clothes break in the middle of the street. But you have to remember that everything you do, however seemingly unimportant it feels, you're constantly learning. The two pieces of advice I'd give is to not concern yourselves too much with other people's opinions on your work. The other would be to just make clothes and wear them. The great thing about being a designer is that you can wear your creations all the time!"

To find out more visit Jemima Studios
RRP: £370

Photography ZoeLVH

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