18 June 2013

Four Sigma Foods

As it is self-evident - Pipes & Sneakers care a lot about aesthetical things: fashion, art, branding, visuals, and current topics that enrich our busy lifestyles, but last and certainly not least – we care about health. Zoe being the “health freak” of the two of us has had the honour to review the inspiring, beautiful and super healthy products created by Four Sigma Foods. It is one of the only companies we have come across that manages to combine all our values – resulting in a healthy and desirable brand.

What is clearly missing on the market is a health food brand that not only attracts “the stereotypical old hippie” but also manages to attract a younger clientele. Four Sigma Foods is perfect for successful people leading a hectic lifestyle from sportsmen, DJ’s, businessmen, doctors, socialites, parents– to basically anyone leading a busy and demanding lifestyle like most of us do nowadays – often neglecting the importance of looking after our mental and physical health.

I don’t want to exaggerate too much, but when I discovered FSF I was somewhat ecstatic. Not only did the product jump out at me with its aesthetically pleasing branding (both packaging and the website) – but generally all its values and its philosophy are harmonious with mine.

Now to the actual products – I tried 2 specific instant mushrooms (Chaga & Reishi) and 2 blends (Drive and Eazy). My absolute favourite is the Instant Reishi. It allows me to use my body’s strength to its fullest potential on a daily basis, combining long hours of work, sports and socialising. I am caffeine intolerant in the sense that I only have a caffeine buzz for 10 minutes and then have the heaviest ‘comedowns’ that never make it  worth having a coffee in the first place. Instant Reishi however, which doesn’t contain caffeine or any other harsh stimulant ingredient –gently lifts your energy, and also lasts for a longer time.

Four Sigma Foods is an awesome brand, consisting of a great team of passionate innovators sharing their knowledge and happiness with the rest of the world. Basically, anyone caring about health; natural, stylish, ethical and cool products and wanting to be the best versions of themselves should give Four Sigma Foods a go.


Photography - ZoeLVH

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